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     The musical world of Moscow is wide and varied. Dozens of musical groups and thousands of performers on various musical instruments literally daily form the musical background of our sound and visual space. It is not easy to understand this, but we will try on our website and in our publications to structure the musical world of the capital and to introduce you to those who give us musical impressions.

     The Encyclopedia of Performers "Moscow Soloists" presents a multivolume edition on performers on various musical instruments. Each volume will be published in print (detailed version) and presented on this site (short version). The encyclopedia will include both contemporary musicians and outstanding performers of past years. Along with solo performers, soloists of orchestras (theater, symphony and chamber) and famous teachers will be presented.

     The encyclopedia of performers "Moscow Soloists" is built not on the territorial principle of "residence" of musicians in Moscow, but on the conduct of "performing" activities in the capital and its significance for the formation of the musical culture of our country.

   The covers of the volumes are still preliminary - by the time of publication, each cover will contain photographs of prominent Russian musicians.

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The Encyclopedia of Performers

The Encyclopedia of Performers "Moscow Soloists"

(each section comes out in a separate volume)

  1. Conductor / choirmaster

  2. Vocals

  3. Piano, harpsichord

  4. Organ

  5. The flute

  6. Oboe

  7. Clarinet

  8. Saxophone

  9. Bassoon

  10. French horn

  11. Trumpet

  12. Trombone

  13. Tuba

  14. Percussion instruments

  15. Harp

  16. Violin

  17. Alto

  18. Cello

  19. Contrabass

  20. Guitar

  21. Domra

  22. Balalaika

  23. Gusli

  24. Accordion

  25. Accordion

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